Serving the Southern Maine and New Hampshire Seacoast for over 30 years!

New England Tree Service is among the most trusted and reliable crane and tree companies in the region.

Our climbing experts are the area's most experienced, with safety & professionalism as our top priorities. Our team is state licensed, bonded, insured, and OSHA compliant.



Expert Services & Consulting


  • Expert heavy lifting services -- not just for trees! signs, Christmas lights, decorations, construction, and more...

  • Annual pruning, storm damage cleanup, stump grinding, or full removals -- no tree is too big for New England Tree Service

  • Our in-house saw mill allows New England Tree to offer custom beams, cants, and lumber cuts from select hardwoods.

  • We always have a supply of high quality firewood and landscaping wood chips cut and split to your specifications.

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Organic Fertilizer

You might ask why do your trees need fertilizer and soil amendments?

Most trees exist in nature without much care, but transplanting trees into urban areas or man-made conditions can create problems. Often these trees will be growing in restricted root zone areas, be surrounded by pavement or compacted soil or be physically damaged by construction activities. The root system is just as important and fragile as the above-ground parts. Fertilizer will give your trees the nutrients they are missing and need to thrive. The introduction of micro organisms (micorizee), rizospheric bacteria and humic acids that occur naturally in the forest will replicate your trees ideal living conditions.

Micorizee bonds to your tree roots and significantly increases their ability to absorb water and nutrients by extending the root zone. Rizospheric bacteria added to you soil will aid your trees in its chemical processes for proper absorbtion. Humic acids are what your leaves would decompose into if we were not in the habit of removing them from our yards for ascetic value. To top it all off, the application process breaks up compacted soil and created pockets(macro pores) for proper root growth. Ultimately we are just providing your trees with what they need and want, to live and be enjoyed, in a location of your family's choosing for generations.

Snow Removal

Don't be the victim of a snow collapse -- keep your roof and gutters snow free!

New England Tree Service professionals can climb any roof and remove snow or ice buildup before it's a problem.

Winter in New England can be taxing on you roof. Feel safe in your home this winter knowing the snow isn't piling up!

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Service Area

  • Cape Neddick
  • Eliot
  • Kittery
  • N. Berwick
  • Ogunquit
  • S. Berwick
  • Wells
  • York

  • Dover
  • Durham
  • Exeter
  • Greenland
  • NewMarket
  • Portsmouth
  • Rye
  • Somersworth

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What people say about our service.

I used New England Tree Service this past summer and was very happy with the professional and courteous service I received. Almost as important was the clean work area when they were done. I plan on using them again very soon.

Michael S.

Sagamore Animal Hospital

The Kittery Water District has used New England Tree for various projects over the years and have been very pleased with their work. The prices are very competitive, the workers are both skillful and courteous and the clean-up is immaculate.

Michael R.

Kittery Water District

New England Tree Service has done work for us on more than one occasion and I am always pleased with their work. Tom and his men are truly tree removal experts. I would highly recommend them to anyone that wants a tree removed or pruned.

John Nicosia

Happy Tree Customer